An Uncomfortable Shade of Gray

By Amy Thomson 

Hand slides up my thigh,
hot breath in my ear,
“You’re so beautiful.”
“It’s, uh, getting late.”
“You got a bedtime?”
“I’m really tired.”
“Let’s get in your bed.”
“Work in the morning.”
He’s touching my breasts,
Try to laugh it off,
You can’t be rude though.
My shirt is off now,
He takes out his phone,
He forgets the flash.
My nervousness turns
To full-body fear.
He’s kissing my lips
And I’m letting him.
Where did my voice go?
Why did she leave me?
There’s fight, flight, or freeze.
I didn’t want to
Offend him.
Excuses tried to
The situation.
Easier than no.
I don’t fight it at all,
I turn right over
Bite the couch cushion
That night, I learned to


2 thoughts on “An Uncomfortable Shade of Gray”

  1. Some guys really need to be told “no” in no uncertain terms (once I even had to tell the guy I would consider it rape if he continued after I’d told him no, before he stopped) Sadly this is reality, but you showed beautifully how it can feel for someone unable to do so with your poem

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