This is Easier

By Amy Thomson

Wake up and pour a
black cup of coffee
zero calories.
Pour yourself into
the hourglass mold
of a flat tummy
and chiseled cheekbones
accompanied by
some nice thick thighs and ass.
Pour the rest into
overflowing breasts.
Learn to move through space
in the third person.
Be weary of how
your thighs spread on the bus seat
and suck in your gut.
Paste on your smile
when men demand it.
Don’t forget that you
exist for their eyes.
Be flattered at the
voice yelling, “Nice tits!”
from the passing car.
It’s a compliment.
How dare you try to
read a book in a
coffee shop, bus stop, or park.
You are in a public space,
and he approached you
Of course you owe him
your time, attention,
your pussy.
Ignore the old man
licking his cracked lips
while checking you out.
Your skirt is too short
and your top too low,
so this is your fault.
Let your date that night
start kissing you
despite your polite
He bought you dinner.
Fuck him so he won’t
get mad.
This is easier
than you demanding
This is easier
than you living
in fear.
This is easier
than you risking
This. Is. Easier.


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