Dancerian Mania

By Amy Thomson

Cells buzz like sky wires,

she keeps dancing, never tires.

Through grey rain, her feet turn blue,

smile stained, nothing new.

She dances through the city streets,

kissing everyone she meets.

Twirling down the interstate,

swirling home, it’s getting late.

Finally, her feet meet sand,

ocean gateway to homeland.

Her battered feet begin to heal,

delicious moment’s peace she steals.

She pirouettes into the waves,

home at last, she is saved.


Project Honey

By Amy Thomson

Shoes shuffled squares of grey,
Arm in arm one Spring Thursday,
House museums lined the streets,
Project Honey we would complete.

Ceiling portals opened wide,
Honey sister by my side,
Lights shined through the dancing plaster,
Heartbeats raced faster, faster.

Sticky membranes were my sky,
She saw jungles through her third eye,
Sank beneath the arctic sea,
With my favorite honeybee.

Lava lamps and Christmas lights
Were our suns on this great night.
Venus kept us safe and sound,
In our girl hive, sisters bound.

Then flew in the phallic drones,
We had to leave our royal thrones.
Flew outside to pollinate,
Struggled just to acclimate.

Seeds of fear sprouted their buds,
Water drops became flash floods.
Spooked by gutter’s gurgling mouth,
Sisters started flying south.

I had to leave my fellow queen,
Returned to my hive, began to wean
Never would we forget this trip,
In our golden honey ship.




Off-Balance Balance

By Amy Thomson

Store-bought transmitters
Dulled jitters
heart flitters
taste of bittersweet
Head heavy
pulled down
in submarine
Can’t cum,
heart’s numb
under Complacency’s
adequate thumb.
Quit school,
too cool
too okay
to stay
not out of fear,
but why steer
when I can float?
A balanced ghost
of Amy Christine,
learned to coast,
prescription post.
Not survived,
kept alive.
Inertia derived,
destruction contrived.
Off-balance balance
replaced by tranquil skies
by placid lies.
Feet up,
laid back,
frets lack,
new knack:
No care,
cool stare,
going nowhere.
Life’s infinite treadmill
powered by last bursts
of light
a sight,
burning stardust,
ember distrust,
gasoline lust,
into Earth’s crust.