By Amy Thomson

Can I get a revolution with a side of fries, please?
Can I get a transformation, hold the fucking lies, please?
Can I get a reformation, choke it down with my rage?
Can I get some dedication so we make the same wage?
We’re radical, original, principal, and pivotal.
Constitution, restitution, institution, execution.
Politicians in my pussy, white men talking ovaries.
Baby saviors run the clinics, armed with beaded rosaries.
Are we stupid for demanding bodily autonomy
when our tits and asses run this Free Market Economy?
“Sit down, baby baby, you’re so cute when you’re mad.”
“Calm down, baby baby, ditch this women power fad.”
“Smile for me, baby baby, strut that ass down the street.”
“Shake it for me, baby baby, you’re my fucking piece of meat.”
Exist, resist, assist, persist.
Exist, resist, assist, persist.



Asking For It

By Amy Thomson

Short, tall, skinny, skinny.
Smart, dumb, pretty, pretty.
I’m just a bored girl
begging for attention.
I’m just a mean bitch,
pushing his detention.
I’m just a dumb slut,
asking for oppression.
I’m just a loud cunt,
screaming for progression.
Dark street,
short skirt.
Asking for it,
asking for it.
Red cup,
drunk night.
Asking for it,
asking for it.
Either way I’m getting hurt.
Red lip,
wide hip,
I can hear his pants unzip.
Bare face,
court case,
Stupid not to carry mace.
Stay safe,
stay inside.
Rebel grrrls will be denied:
Sympathy, security,
sanity, stability,
consideration, contemplation, cerebration, cogitation.
The presence of my pussy means I’m
asking for it
asking for it.