Wednesday Evening Ride

By Amy Thomson

Cotton candy sky,

the twelfth day of July gives

joy we cannot buy.



By Amy Thomson

Air thick with lazy heat,

And giggles full of ice cream treats.

Trees droop for summer nap,

With robins laying in their lap.

Sleepy sun melts down the sky,

The city gives a grateful sigh.

Sky is painted salmon pink,

Framed above the kitchen sink.

Sizzling grill begins to gleam,

Nourishing my summer dream.

Cups of laughter passed around,

Happiness is finally found.


Summers At The Pool

By Amy Thomson


Stinky locker room

Our giggles escape

at the sight of our

naked reflections.


Light dances on the

water’s smooth surface.

Towels lie under

bright umbrella trees.


Chlorine hair

Taste embarrassment

as the breeze raises

my mosquito bites.  


Our pruny fingers

count quarters as we

stand shivering in

line at the snack bar.


Sun melts down the sky

like my ice cream cone

drips onto pavement

slips behind mountains.


It splatters salmons,

peaches, and corals

as it sings goodnight

to the three of us. Continue reading “Summers At The Pool”