By Amy Thomson

Three-twenty-two am,
memories stem from dusty corners
long forgotten,
gone rotten,
like fruit left in sixth grade lockers,
she walks her skinny legs
Porcelain bowl
full of that night’s dinner,
getting thinner,
she’s the winner
and the sinner.
Years of tears,
then high school years
of Pepsi for lunch,
tomato to munch,
stomach to crunch,
walls to punch.
“Where’s your food?” he asks.
Her mask taut,
“I forgot.”



It’s Okay To Like Yourself

By Amy Thomson
Distorted reflection
plants seeds of infection.
Wine-stained eyes
see through lies.
Stolen glances,
Red Maple branches
frame two hazel ponds,
forming bonds
with myself.
Learn to love
the freckly galaxy
that dances on my nose.
I don’t hate,
even appreciate,
my mismatched tits,
full of wits.
One Hawaii,
the other, Lanai.
Promised eruption,
media corruption.
I resist,
I persist,
I consist
of 126 beautiful fucking pounds.
Sounds like vanity,
it’s really just sanity.

Three Pound Brain

By Amy Thomson 

Three pounds,
the weight of the human brain.
Those last damn pounds
I can never


Ship my three pound brain
in a time machine to Darwin in Tahiti
“The Origins of the Bulimics.”
Scientists claim


brain is a stiff, three pound cocktail,
chemicals swimming about
in grey goo,
creating a conscious byproduct.


vary between brains,
for hippies, yogis,
pastors and rabbis believe you have
a three pound soul.


all the arguments,
the mind-body complex
divides humans in mass
and individuals in half.


caused this battle
between my body and mind?
Healthy diets of television
pouring bodies of


into my three pound brain.
My eyes windows of judgement,
my body a betrayal.
Hopeless vanity.


the reason women are compared to fruit
due to our bright beauty?
I longed to be a luscious peach
to hold men’s gazes


make mouths water.
I am no peach, though,
a dirty vegetable.


my fertilizer,
my roots run deep.
Not meant for display on the countertop,
but to nourish, maintain, and sustain. Trust


for the various cultural standards,
the heads armed with critical eyes,
and the mouths that shout from cars,
now mean nothing in my three pound brain.